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About Me

Passion, enthusiasm and experience... those words best describe my approach to photography and multimedia production. I am Felix Mena and I bring over 25 years of experience as a professional photographer and multimedia producer. I seek out challenging projects which require my complete devotion, attention and best efforts. I am well-versed in all genres including; landscapes, travel, documentary, biographical, portraiture and street photography and am available for select assignments. I am also available for weddings, business, events and other general photography. Please use the contact form or email me

I also offer video production and other multimedia services including original music production, voice overs and video editing. Please visit my YouTube page for samples.

I am currently serving in the United States Army as an active duty soldier in the Field Artillery branch. I am a Fire Direction Specialist for the Multiple Launch Rocket System and hold the rank of Staff Sergeant. However, my leadership has consistently called upon me to perform the duties of the Unit Public Affairs Representative and it's been an honor to do so for each of the units I have been assigned to. 

It's an honor to serve in the US Army and even a higher honor to be able to capture so many memories for the soldiers that I have served with. I plan to continue my military service until I am no longer physically able to do so. Serving in the army has been a tremendous challenge which requires tremendous dedication and sacrifice, however, I have found purpose and great reward. I had all but given up photography until I rediscovered my passion while serving as a Public Affairs Representative in the Republic of Korea. My thanks and gratitude go to those leaders who allowed me to pursue that passion in service to the nation. Go Army!

5 days ago

Picture of the Day.

1 week ago

"Waves" (Lower Antelope Canyon, Arizona) Sneak preview of my upcoming photo gallery and video from my father / son road trip and video capturing perhaps the best two weeks of photography in my entire ... See more

1 week ago

Valerie. Leica M6.

1 week ago

Valerie. Camera: Leica M6, black and white film.

2 weeks ago
Hey Don't Shoot

Stay tuned to for my new video coming later this week. SO much good stuff!

Stay tuned to for our new video coming later this week, or this weekend, I've got a lot of video footage and photos to go through but I can say that this was by ... See more

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  • Emily, Naturally August 19, 2018
    Like most actors, Emily is currently making her way by waiting tables, which is how I met her. Her simple, natural beauty caught my eye, it goes without saying that I was pleased to get a phone call from her to set up a photo shoot. This was the very first time she had ever […]
    Felix G Photography
  • Valerie by the Pool - Photo Gallery July 17, 2018
    See more of Valerie on her Instagram page at in a while, a model comes along who, for whatever reason, radiates some sort of unique energy and aura that it's hard for me not to notice. Valerie is not only beautiful but she's traveled a long, difficult road, and I knew this not via conversation […]
    Felix G Photography
  • Boudior Photos with Dayna July 7, 2018
    Boudoir photos are always challenging, but this particular photo shoot turned out to be worth every effort. I shot Dana with a Sony RX1RII and a Leica M240. I used static and natural lighting. Thanks Dayna, you were a fabulous model!
    Felix G Photography
  • Shooting Chicago with the Leica D-Lux (Typ 109) May 11, 2018
    Mural of Vivian Maier located at 1651 W. North Ave Chicago, IllinoisIt's symbolic that the first picture I captured on my recent trip to Chicago was a photo of a beautifully crafted, colorful, larger than life mural of Vivian Maier. I came across this mural completely by accident. Although several articles have been published about […]
    Felix G Photography
  • An Afternoon in Kansas City with the Sony RX100 IV May 6, 2018
    I had to go to Kansas City for two weeks recently for work (I was attending a two weeks course at the US Army SHARP Academy at Fort Leavenworth). This was therefore, not a photography trip, in fact, the only camera I brought along with me was the compact, fixed lens, yet highly capable, Sony […]
    Felix G Photography
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